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Hands-on Exercise No. 1 Batch-06 Graphic Design

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Hands-on Exercise No. 1 Batch-06 Graphic Design | DigiSkills



Hands-on Exercise No. 1 Batch-06

Graphic Design

Total Marks: 10

Due Date: 12/03/2020


Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting this Hands-on Exercise:

·       Use MS Word to submit the exercise solution.

·       You may consult tutorials and videos if the concept is not clear.

·       Your submitted exercise will not be considered/counted if:

§  It is submitted after due date.

§  It is not in the required format (.doc or .docx)

§  It does not open, or file is corrupt.

§  It is copied (partial or full) from any source (websites, forums, students, etc.)


Learning Outcome:

After completing this exercise, you shall be able to understand:

·       What is basic design and how to communicate using basic shapes and lines.

·       The use of negative and positive space.

·       How to make a design pattern.


Problem Statement 

In the video lecturers you have learned about the Principles of Graphic Design such as:

  • Emphasis
  • Balance
  • Rhythm
  • Scale
  • Harmony
  • Unity
  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Space


Create some basic designs based on the words given below by using different shapes, lines and elements of design i.e. Square, Circle, Triangle, Spiral, Straight Line, Curve Line and Diagonal Line in such a way that it should express a meaning or a principle of design.

  • Tension
  • Escape
  • Bold
  • Congested
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Lonely
  • Speed



  • Minimum four words are mandatory to illustrate but you can make up to 9
  • Apply only one principle of design in each
  • Please mention which principle you have applied in the
  • Also try to maintain the negative and positive space or black and white areas in the
  • You can make 4x4 square inch basic design pattern with black color marker on a white color chart paper or black color paper
  • Take the pictures of your basic designs, insert them in the word file and upload on the
  • Examples and guidelines are given for your convenience but please don’t copy the


Basic Design Exercise






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