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[Solved] CS605 Assignment 2 Fall 2019  


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Assignment No. 02
Semester: Fall 2019

CS605 - Software Engineering-II


Total Marks: 15


Due Date: 6/12/2019


Assignment no. 2 covers Lec#8 to Lec#17.


Objectives of Assignment:


  • To learn the basic objective of software project planning.
  • To understand the basic objective of requirements of a software project.



Uploading instructions:


  • Your assignment must be in .doc format.(Any other formats like scan images, PDF, Zip, rar, bmp, docx etc will not be accepted).
  • No assignment will be accepted through email.


Rules for Marking:


It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:


·         The assignment is submitted after due date.

·         The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupted.

·         Your assignment is copied from internet, handouts or from any other student

      (Strict disciplinary action will be taken in this case).






Scenario:                                                                                                                               15 Marks


Suppose you are the Project Manager newly established Company that has initially hired 500 employees in its 4 departments (i.e. HR Department, Marketing Department, Sales Department, and Finance Department). The size of the company will grow later on. The owner of this organization is planning to implement a state-ot-the-art Employee Management System (EMS) Software in this Company.

Based on this scenario, answer the following questions:


1.      Being a Project Manager, you have to take the decision for “Buy or Build”.  Will you buy the Software from any renowned Software house or Developed your own EMS System? You have to Justify with solid reasons in any case.  [5 marks]


2.      You have to write 5 functional requirements each for any two of the departments (out of four) of your choice, that must be fulfilled during the software development. [5+5 marks]




Brief and relevant answer should be given (to the point). Long stories are not required.

Irrelevant and wrong statements will result in negative marking.

Copied assignments will get zero marks.




Submit “.doc” file only. Every student should provide his/her own work, exact copying of the assignment (or some portion of the assignment) from the internet or other students will lead to copy case and zero marks will be awarded. Do not put any query on MDB about this assignment, if you have any query then email us at [email protected]





Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted on or before 6th December 2019.




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CS605 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2019


Download attachment for solution idea file of CS605.

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