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Midterm Grand Quiz Schedule Fall 2020

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VU Mid-Term Quiz (Grand Quiz) Schedule Fall 2020 | QueryVU
26-Dec-20 27-Dec-20 28-Dec-20 29-Dec-20 30-Dec-20 31-Dec-20 01-Jan-21 02-Jan-21 03-Jan-21 04-Jan-21 05-Jan-21 06-Jan-21
ACC311 BIF501 BIO201 BT403 BNK610 BIO302 ACC501 BNK611 BT401 BIO204 BIO301 BIO303
BIF401 BIO202 BT504 BT406 BT302 CS201 BIT701 CS101 CS312 CS314 CS315 BT301
BIO203 BNK601 CS204 BT503 CS402 CS310 CS205 CS206 CS405 CS502 ECO501 EDU509
BNK612 BNK603 CS302 CS301 CS610 CS406 CS601 CS431 CS407 ECO610 EDU508 Eng515
BT201 BT102 CS304 CS602 ECO303 CS420 CS604 CS435 CS409 EDU404 ENG506 MCD504
CHE201 CHE301 CS403 CS607 ECO401 CS441 CS625 CS603 CS608 EDU703 HRM724 MCM511
CS202 CS001 CS408 ECO403 ECO602 CS614 ECE301 ECO302 CS611 ENG301 MCD502 PSY505
CS411 CS311 CS605 ECO603 EDU303 ECO406 ECO606 EDU205 ECO613 FIN723 MCM304 SOC616
CS504 CS401 CS615 ECO612 EDU705 EDU430 EDU401 EDU305 EDU266 MCD501 MGMT731  
CS507 CS432 ECO601 EDU304 EDUA430 EDU602 EDU654 EDU405 EDU505 MCM401 PSY403  
CS508 CS501 EDU201 EDU406 ENG201 EDUA405 EDUA305 EDU409 EDU603 MGMT630 SOC403  
CS510 CS506 EDU402 EDU515 ENG503 ENG516 ENG001 ENG501 EDU701 MGMT631 STA406  
CS606 ECE101 EDU501 EDU601 Eng523 FIN623 ENG511 FIN711 ENG517 MGMT725 STA631  
CS609 ECO402 EDU510 EDU713 FIN624 MCM301 MCD403 GSC201 FIN704 MGT612 PHY301  
ECO404 EDU302 EDU512 ENG101 IT430 MCM310 MCM311 MCD401 ISL201 MTH621 Zoo506  
EDU101 EDU403 EDUA411 ENG504 MCM411 MGMT730 MCM520 MCD404 MCD402 MTH633    
EDU301 EDU411 ENG502 ENG507 MCM532 MGT501 MGT101 MGMT615 MCD503 PSY510    
EDU410 EDU431 ENG508 ENG509 MCM604 MGT604 MGT522 MGMT623 MGMT617 STA630    
EDU433 EDU702 ENG521 ENG512 MGT211 MKT627 MGT602 MGMT629 MGMT625 ZOO102    
EDU511 ENG510 HRM613 FIN622 MGT601 MTH601 MGT603 MGMT727 MGMT628 PHY101    
EDU516 ENG513 HRM713 MCM501 MTH101 PAK301 MGT703 MGMT729 MGT301 GSC101    
EDU604 ENG514 MCM516 MCM515 MTH202 PSY514 MTH102 MGT402 MGT404      
EDU712 Eng518 MCM517 MCM531 PSY502 SOC613 PSY101 mgt621 MGT504      
ENG401 ENG519 MCM601 MGMT614 SOC603 STAT406 SOC101 MGT711 MGT605      
ENG505 FIN611 MGT201 MGT111 SOC609 ZOO505 STA644 MGT713 MKT731      
ENG520 FIN621 MGT503 MGT411 ZOO510   STAT408 MGTE630 MTH401      
Eng522 FIN725 MGT510 MGT613     ZOO507 MKT611 MTH634      
Eng524 FIN730 MGT610 MKT501       MKT624 PSC401      
ETH201 HRM617 MTH404 MTH403       MKT625 PSY406      
FIN625 HRM624 MTH641 MTH622       MTH302 SOC601      
FIN630 MCM101 PSY402 PSY407       MTH501 URD100      
FIN722 MCM431 PSY409 PSY408       MTH632 ZOO301      
HRM626 MCM514 PSY511 PSY515       PAD603 ZOO630      
HRM627 MCM610 PSY516 PSY611       SOC404        
HRM630 MGMT611 SOC302 SOC602       STA100        
MGMT627 MGMT622 SOC605 SOC608       STA408        
MGT401 MGT202 STA404 STA304       STA621        
MGT502 MGT520 STA632 ZOO504       STA643        
MGT611 MGT705 ZOO502         STAT404        
MKT529 MKT610           ZOO101        
MKT530 MKT621                    
MKT730 MKT630                    
MTH001 MKT703                    
MTH100 MKT724                    
MTH201 MKT725                    
MTH301 MTH304                    
MTH303 MTH405                    
PAK302 MTH603                    
PSC201 MTH631                    
PSY401 PSY405                    
PSY404 PSY504                    
PSY513 PSY512                    
PSY610 PSY632                    
PSY631 SOC301                    
SOC401 SOC615                    
SOC402 STA301                    
STAT730 URD101                    
ZOO501 ZOO503                    
1. The Weightage for Mid Term Quiz (Grand Quiz) shall be from 15 % to 20 %.
2. The Mid Term Quiz (Grand Quiz) will consist of 30 MCQ based questions.
3. Each question will be available for a maximum of 90 seconds.
4. The syllabus about the Mid Term Quiz (Grand Quiz) shall be available in course announcements section of each course on VULMS.
5. Multiple subjects may be scheduled in a single day.
6. The students will have 24 hours to attempt the Mid Term Quiz (Grand Quiz) of a subject.
7. All issues/requests/queries related to Mid Term Quiz must be submitted through Ticketing/Support system.
                           “Examinations --> Mid Term Quiz--->Conduct of Mid Term Quiz”
                             through email on [email protected] 

Students kindly share assignment files in relevant subject timely for discussion/solution.
or directly share with us " Click here"
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