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[Solved] BIF401 GDB Spring 2021

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BIF401 GDB Spring 2021

BIF401 GDB Spring 2021 solution idea:

How Bioinformatics Helped to Discover the Drug for Covid-19

To develop an effective drug against COVID19, bioinformatics can help predict potential molecules such as virus inhibitors, the effectiveness of which can be tested in the laboratory. Using certain computer tools or self-written programs, a bioinformatician can predict potential molecules that can be used as drugs for COVID19.

Bioinformatics used the following sequential steps to discover the vaccine or drug for Covid 19

  1. Bioinformatics database
  2. Sequence comparison
  3. Phylogenetic analysis
  4. Structure modeling
  5. Drug design

The virus. From the sequence analysis to the final prediction of the drug candidate, several steps are required, which can be divided into five sections: retrieving the virus sequence from the nucleic acid database, analyzing sequence data by comparing it with other virus sequences, phylogeny analysis of virus sequences to find out how the target virus, the evolved from others, computer modeling of key viral proteins as drug targets, and finally testing various drug molecules against viral proteins to detect inhibitory activities.

The last step in the process is to use existing drug molecules or modify the structures of existing drug molecules and "couple" them with viral proteins, to see through computer analysis whether or not these molecules bind to important sites on viral proteins. they bind to viral proteins with high affinity, then these molecules can be tested for their effectiveness in the laboratory. In this way, bioinformatics can make a significant contribution to the development of new drugs against SARSCoV2 and to prevent the further spread of COVID19. various inhibitory molecules against SARSCoV2 and now these molecules are being tested experimentally to find out which is the strongest Ent in COVID19.

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