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[Solved] BT301 Assignment 2 Spring 2020

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BT301 Introduction to Biotechnology Assignment 2 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

BT301 Assignment 2 Solution idea:


Total Marks: 10      Due date: 28/07/2020


Assignment topic

Write down five similarities and five differences between Plasmid and Cosmid(10 Marks)





Plasmid is a double circular organelle found in bacterial cell in addition to chromosome.

Cosmid is type of hybrid plasmid that has lambda phage sequence and plasmid DNA of bacteria.

It has high carrying capacity

It has low carrying capacity

It is a type of cloning vector.

It is a hybrid cloning vector

Its transformation frequency is very low.

Its transformation frequency is very high.

Plasmid is naturally occurring in the bacterial cell.

Cosmid is occurring naturally and also artificial synthesize in lab.

Examples: pBR322 and pBG1805

Examples: pHV79




  1. Plasmid and Cosmid both are used as a vector in cloning in the field of Genetic engineering or recombinant DNA
  2. Plasmid and Cosmid have ability to self-replicate.
  3. Both have multiple sites for the cloning
  4. Plasmid and cosmid have antibiotic resistance genes, which are useful as
  5. Both of these are playing great role in the construction genomic.

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