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[Solved] BT401 GDB Fall 2021

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BT401 GDB Fall 2021 solution idea:


Gene flow and genetic drift are population genetics terms which may be associated with changes in organisms’ genetic makeup. Both of these biological terms are commonly associated with natural selection and may be confusing to some.

Genetic drift is the alteration of allele frequency in a population’s genetic pool while gene flow is the process of alleles going from one area of population to another.

The cause of alteration in gene flow is migration of organisms or geographical isolation; this means that alleles may be eliminated or new ones may be introduced while that of genetic drift is the random sampling of organisms from generation to generation as caused by bottle effect or founder effect.

In genetic drift, change can happen due to movement as evidenced by the founder effect in which few members of the main population break away to form their own group. On the other hand, gene flow happens when there is a transfer of alleles from one population to another while the founder effect does not form its new group in an already existing population. Genetic flow most likely ensures genetic variation as the migration of organisms to another existing population leads to the alteration of alleles.

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