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[Solved] BT503 Assignment 2 Fall 2021

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BT503 Assignment 2 Fall 2021 solution idea:



        Describe different parts of a cloning vector.


Cloning vector:

                          A cloning vector is a small piece of DNA that can be stably maintained in an organism, and into which a foreign DNA fragment can be inserted for cloning functions. The cloning vector may be DNA taken from an endemic, the mobile of a better organism, or it can be the plasmid of a bacterium.


  • Origin of replication (ori) site where DNA replication is initiated
  • Marker genes for selection and/or screening
  • Selection – killing cells that lack specific gene
  • Unique restriction endonuclease (RE) sites
  • Promoters for gene expression



        Describe Blue/White screening method for recombinant analysis.


                    The blue–white screen is a screening method that permits for the speedy and handy detection of recombinant micro organism in vector-based molecular cloning experiments. This approach of screening is usually achieved the usage of a suitable bacterial pressure, however different organisms including yeast can also be used.

DNA of transformation is ligated into a vector. The vector is then inserted into a competent host cellular viable for transformation, which are then grown inside the presence of X-gal. Cells transformed with vectors containing recombinant DNA will produce white colonies; cells converted with non-recombinant plasmids develop into blue colonies.



        Define Quorum sensing.


Quorum sensing or quorum signalling is the potential to locate and respond to mobile population density by means of gene regulation.” For example, QS enables bacteria to restrict the expression of unique genes to the excessive cell densities at which the ensuing phenotypes might be maximum beneficial.



         Explain ballistic bombardment method.


                      In genetic engineering, a not unusual method of putting overseas genetic cloth into a number cellular is gene gun bombardment. In this manner, a possible host cellular is again and again shot with round gold nano-particles that have been coated with plasmid DNA.

 Even as the collision damages many host cells, some efficiently live on the bombardment and include the DNA from the gold nanoparticles into their genome. These cells and their offspring will thus contain and specific the overseas genetic cloth, making gene gun bombardment an effective way of customizing the genome of mobile.

In an average gene gun, a plate containing a set weight of lined gold nano-particles faces a plate containing many samples of the host cell kind. A display screen is located among the two items. All through bombardment, the plate and gold debris are unexpectedly improved the use of an explosive price, which transfers a set amount of energy, EEE, to the plate and particles over a completely brief time interval. The plate then collides with the display screen, which stops the plate straight away however which allows the gold nano-particles to maintain closer to the sample on the effect speed. Upon reaching the pattern, the gold nano-particles are ballistically scattered as they collide with various tissues and structures, making the very last vicinity of the nano-particles (and as a consequence genetic material) inherently random.



What is 35S CaMV?


The 35S CaMV promoter is generally considered to be a strong constitutive promoter and it facilitates high level of RNA transcription in a wide variety of plants, including plants well outside the host range of the virus.

  • The cauliflower mosaic virus promoter (CaMV 35S) is used inmost transgenic vegetation to prompt foreign genes that have been artificially inserted into the host plant. it is inserted into transgenic flowers in a shape which isn't the same as that determined whilst it's miles present in its herbal Brassica plant hosts.



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