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[Solved] CHE201 GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020  


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CHE201 Physical Chemistry GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

CHE201 GDB Solution Idea:


Q. Explain Unusual Properties of Water.



  1. It is neutral to litmus.
  2. Its freezing point is 0⁰C its boiling point is 100⁰C.
  3. Its maximum density is 1.00gcm-3 at 4⁰C.
  4. It is an excellent solvent for the ionic compounds.
  5. It is also called universal solvent, because it can dissolve all the type of minerals.
  6. The vapour pressure of water at 0⁰C is 4.95 torr.
  7. It has strong Hydrogen bonding and dissolves the alcohol easily.
  8. It has usually high Heat capacity about 4.2 Jg-1K -1 which is about six times greater than the rocks. It can be defined as one mole of substance the number of calories of energy to raise the temperature from 15-16⁰C.
  9. The heat of vaporization of water is 574 Kcal/kg.
  10. It has high surface tension. This unique property of water is responsible for high capillary action. Capillary action is a process in which water rises from root to the aerial part of the plants.

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