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CS202 GDB Spring 2020  


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CS202 Fundamentals of Front End Development GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020


Discussion Topic

Suppose there is a shopping store which is selling products online. The products include different categories such as electronics, household, garments etc. when customer opens any category of product; all items along with their images and description are displayed on web page. Website allows customer to choose how many no of items he/she wants to display per page. The website is visited daily by huge number of customers and it receives huge no of orders on daily basis. So, web page needs to be loaded quickly. Now, you, as a web developer have been given two options to load images on web page when customer opens web page of any product category. First option is to store image of each item separately and load it one by one on web page, second option is to use CSS image sprite. By analyzing the given scenario carefully, which option will you choose first option, second option or combination of both? Justify your answer with proper logical reasoning.