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CS411 Assignment 3 Spring 2020  


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Visual Programming (CS411)

Assignment # 3 (GRADED)

Total marks = 30   Due Date = 07th August 2020

Please carefully read the following instructions before attempting the assignment.

  • First of all listen to the video lectures. Lecture No.23 to Lecture No.31 included.
  • After that consult handouts and recommended books to clarify your concepts.
  • You are supposed to submit your complete solution project as a single file (i. e. zip or RAR). Any other formats like scan images, PDF, bmp, docx etc. will not be accepted.
  • It should be clear that your assignment would not get any credit if:
  • The assignment is submitted after due date.
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
  • The assignment is copied. Note that strict action would be taken if the submitted assignment is copied from any other student. Both students will be punished equally.
  • Avoid uploading assignment in the last hour of the deadline and try to upload Solutions at least 02 days before the deadline to avoid any inconvenience.
  • For any query please contact: [email protected]

Problem Statement:

You are required to create a C# WPF application using Visual Studio with the following functional requirements:

You have to create a Hostel Management Software considering following points.

  • When the application starts, a window of splash screen similar to the following window appears for few seconds and then control moves to login window.
  • Next “Login Window” will appear on screen similar to given below window. The color scheme and design of window should be exactly like given below design. You can use any other logo of Virtual University to place in this window. You will enter your complete VUID as username and last 3 digits of your VUID as password. While login, if you enter some other VUID or password it must show error as “Invalid username or password”. If you click on exit button then whole application must be closed.
  • Further, you must have to apply validation on login form. If you do not enter value in any of text box and try to login then it must show error message dialog e.g. Field is required.
  • After successful login, Main Dashbaord window will appear similar to following window and your login username must pass to dashboard window and appear on screen as shown in image.


You have to use dockpanel in the highlighted area with blue color and the text showing “Hostel Management System” must be inside this dockpanel and when the window screen size maximizes dockpanel must remain on left side and does not increase its height and width. You can use any image to show the Registration module portion.

  • In third stage you have to Click Registration button and it will open registration form as shown in given below image.

You have to fill the form and when you enter submit button it will check any of the text box will not be empty. If any of text boxes is empty then it will print message as shown in given image. You have to apply conditions on all textboxes to check none of them will be empty. Otherwise show relative message in front of textbox.

If none of the textbox is empty and submit button is click then Data Saved Message will show on screen. And when click on Close button, in that case only current form will be closed.

Note: You must have to follow the color scheme as shown in images. If you want to check color of any label,button,background on any specific area you can use a Software name “Color Cop” already provided you in Download Section.

Submission details

Following Files Must be submitted in a single zip or rar file.

·         Xaml file of each window

·         .C# code file of each action (use your own VUID)

·         A .gif file which shows only “execution” of your Application (For Recording .gif a software named Screentogif is uploaded on LMS, or you can use any other gif recording tool as well)

You are required to send complete project folder, otherwise you will get zero mark.

If you do not submit any of the below-mentioned files you will be awarded Marks partially

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