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[Solved] CS411 Quiz Fall 2019  


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CS411 Visual Programming Quiz (MCQs) Current Fall 2019


Which of the following "Event" property is used to show "distance(in pixels" of the mouse pointer from left edge of the Monitor?

  • pageX
  • pageY
  • ScreenY
  • ScreenX


________and ________ are the two important properties of Binding object.

  • Star, Description
  • Item, Selected
  • Source, Path
  • BindTo, BindFrom


DOM is a ________ representation of data.

  • Tree
  • Graphical
  • Object
  • None of the given


________ is more than on thing happening at the same time.

  • Cohension
  • Congruence
  • Coherence
  • Concurrency


"async" and ________ keywords in C# are the heart of asynchronous programming.

  • Return
  • Await
  • Wait
  • String


________ supports the creation of the applications that run directly in a web browser.

  • WPF
  • C/C++
  • Partial Class
  • Logic Behind


A Window can spawn ________ number of additional Windows by instanting a Window-derived class and calling Show(...).

  • Four
  • Any
  • Six
  • Five


Which of the following is not a "JQuery" filter?

  • Even
  • Odd
  • Has
  • Write


If you want to navigate to an HTML page, you must use the ________ of "Navigate" that ________ a URI.

  • Overload, rejects
  • IFrame, rejects
  • IFrame, accepts
  • Overload, accepts


Web servers recieve request and responds as ________.

  • Html only
  • Plan Text only
  • JSON only
  • Html, plan text and JSON


Threadpool is used to ________.

  • To make easy the process of thread creation
  • To make easy debugging process
  • To save time of thread creation
  • To avoid complexity


Frame has a ________ property used in enabling or disabling the bar (containg Back/Forward buttons).

  • ShowsNavigationUI
  • BlocknavigationUI
  • NavigationUIVisibility
  • NavigationUIBlock


Which of the following Object creates a canellation token?

  • OperationCanceledtoken
  • OperationCanceled
  • CancellationToken
  • CancellationToeknSource



(These answer provided by students, If found any answer wrong kindly report it so we can correct it.)

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