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[Solved] CS507 Assignment 3 Spring 2020  


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CS507 Information Systems Assignment 3 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

Assignment No. 03

Spring 2020 

CS507: Information Systems

Due date: Monday 10, August 2020 

Total Marks: 20 


All questions in this assignment cover the topics from lecture 22 to 30. For all questions, your answer must be concise, to the point, and compact not more than 4 to 5 lines.

The objective of this assignment is to;

  1. Evaluate the student understandings Information System Analysis
  2. Evaluate the student's understandings of Information System
  3. Practice Information System Design Tools DFD, ERD.

Instructions to solve Assignment

  1. This assignment contains two questions students are required to solve
  2. Students should prepare the solution and upload it on LMS as soon as possible without waiting for the due date to avoid issues resulting from internet connectivity or power failures
  3. Assignment should be solved using Time New Roman format and Size of


It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

  • The assignment is submitted after the due
  • The assignment is not in the required format (Only MSWord Format is allowed)
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file is
  • The assignment is copied (partial or full) from any source (websites, forums, students, etc.)
  • The assignment sent by email will not be



Question No 1.                                                                           (2+5+5)

Read the following software fault management process for Computer Based Information systems(CBIS) used by ZS technologies and answer the questions given at the end of the paragraph.

The customer support team collects the defect information based on the complaints and suggestions from the user of the CBIS. The software defects are added to a system that is used to monitor the status of defects. A specialized team analyses the reported defects and decide whether a specific defect can be reproduced in their lab. If it cannot be reproduced, then a list of all possible causes is prepared and Root-Cause-Analysis(RCA) is performed, and a solution is estimated. If the defect can be reproduced in the development environment, the same team determines the required solution to fix it. The team also determines the required changes to be made in the system. These changes require management approval before being incorporated in the system. The management decides whether the changes are suitable for their product Lifecycle and approves or rejects the changes. If the changes are rejected, the team coordinates with users regarding how to avoid faulty behavior with best practices. If it is approved by management, a team of developers outline a design for the requirements and plane the necessary software development activities. Once the solution is developed, it is tested in development environment and released to users as a beta solution. The results of the test and feedback from the users are used to make permanent changes and incorporate the changes in the new software release. Notification to users is sent about the new release and the problems it solves. Once satisfactory feedback is received from the users, the defect is marked as resolved in the defect monitoring system.

  1. What system analysis technique is most suitable to present the above process in a pictorial form to show the sequences of activities, decisions, and results? (2)
  2. Enlist all the components, symbols, and meanings used in above technique. (5)
  3. Draw and label the pictorial representation of the above process. (5)


Question No 2                                                                       (4+4 marks)

  1. Explain polymorphism with an example of an ‘Information System’. Enlist at least two distinct features of different instances of IS. (2+2)
  2. For the process described in the paragraph in Question -1, Enlist any 4 critical success (4)


Note: Assignment Solutions only in MSWORD format shall be accepted,

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CS507 Information Systems Assignment 3 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

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