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[Solved] CS508 GDB Fall 2019

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CS508 Modern Programming Languages GDB Soltion & Discussion Fall 2019

CS508 GDB Solution Idea:


  1. The Java programming language is designed to be run on a Java platform, with the help of the JRE or Java Runtime Environment. On the other hand, the C# language is designed to be run on CLR or Common Language Runtime.
  2. In Java, built-in data types, which are passed by value are called primitive types. In the C# language, built-in data types passed by value are called simple types.
  3. Javatype safety is safe but C# safety is not.
  4. Java does not support conditional compilation. C# on the other hand supports conditional compilation with preprocessor directives.
  5. Arrays in Java are a direct specialization of Object. But Arrays in C# are System specialization.
  6. Java do not support structures and unions, but C# supports unions and structures.
  7. Java does not support go to statement, but C# does.
  8. Java supports both checked and unchecked exception. C# supports the unchecked exception.

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