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[Solved] CS607 Assignment 3 Spring 2020  


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CS607 Artificial Intelligence Assignment 3 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020


Assignment No. 03
Semester: Spring 2020

CS607: Artificial Intelligence

Total Marks: 20



It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

§  The assignment is submitted after due date.

§  The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.

§  Solution is copied from any other source.


The objective of this assignment is to;

§  Learn and practice basic understanding of ClIPS IDE.

§  Basic understanding of Fuzzy Inference process.



Question No. 1                                                                             marks 10

Write the program in CLIPS IDE that will save the facts about Customer information like customer ID, customer name, customer address and debit card number. After loading the facts in working memory use the facts command to see the index of customer information facts. While adding the facts about customer use your own name as customer name and our own VUID for customer ID.  After adding the Customer information in CLIPS IDE, just send the screen shot of your CIPLS IDE and added fact should also be displayed in fact window.

Following is the sample screen shot of CLIPS IDE displaying name.


Question No. 2                                                                               marks 10

Show graphically the fuzzy inference process (Fuzzy rule IF – Then) for the given case study: The ad to join Associate Professor Computer Science is published on a social site and the fuzzy system will help them decide the Selection Test points (0 to 20) to join the University by rating their CGPA, Degrees and Experience. Points for experience and degrees are between 0 to 10. Also define the rules first.


“If candidate is PhD. or Experience is more than ten years then eligibility to get Selection will be high.”



An MS Word document containing both answers. For Q1 take the screenshot of CLIPS IDE program output/execution and your own VUID must be visible in the screenshot.


Note: you can take the screen shot of your active window by using ctrl+Alt+PrtScn.

You can download the CLIPS IDE for 32-bit systems at following link

For 64-bit system you can download at following link.



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