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CS619 Final Project | Expert System for Sugarcane CROP | Fall 2020

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Expert System for Sugarcane CROP


Project Domain / Category

Web Application/Android Application, Artificial Intelligence


Expert System for Sugarcane crop is web-based application or android application in which an expert system will be built by using any AI algorithms automatically. In this system, it will be considered the fuzzy logic or any artificial intelligence approach to solve the crop water need problem. This Sugarcane crop water requirements utilizes any logic to determine how long the system must be open the water tap. This system accepts input in the form of three values, namely the value of temperature in the Celsius unit and the value of humidity in percentage and soil moisture in percentage (like getting real-time data from sensors).  The output will produce one value that is the duration in minutes the tap must be opened.

Functional Requirements:

  1. The application should have a graphical user interface which has admin interface (student can select option such as web application or android application)
    1. The Admin should be login with a valid username and password.
    2. Admin should manage all activities of input and output parameters on the GUI interface.
  2. There are seven major tasks you will typically perform when developing a fuzzy logic expert system. Tasks (2-7) should be implemented internally while developing the system.
  • Task 1: Define the problem (Student should firstly explain the Sugarcane crop)
  • Task 2: Define Linguistic Variables
  • Task 3: Define Fuzzy Sets
  • Task 4: Define Fuzzy Rules
  • Task 5: Build system
  • Task 6: Test System
  • Task 7: Tune System
  1. The application should be used a knowledge-based system with the Fuzzy algorithm (then build the rules or knowledge-based according to that Sugarcane CROP)
  2. The application should be used to manage reports weekly basis.
  3. The admin should manage and view all backup records.
  4. The admin should view the performance of crops weekly basis and update knowledge based on the requirement.

Note: Skype sessions must be attended to communicate with the supervisor about AI approaches otherwise project will not be accepted.


Tools:   PyCharm (Python language)


Prerequisite:  Artificial intelligence Concepts



Name: Saima Munawar

Email ID: [email protected]

Skype ID: saima.vu1



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Dear Admin,

        I need to implement fuzzy logic in my web application. And now I need guide that How to apply codes of fuzzy logic in pycharm using python language. And how to connect database with inputs and fuzzy outputs in python. If you have a solution then please tell me!