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[Solved] ECO402 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020  


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10/09/2020 10:14 pm  

ECO402 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020


Dear Students! Please share your current ECO402 final term paper's questions here. Will be helpful to other students for their final term exams. ?


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13/09/2020 10:18 pm  

ECO402 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

ECO402 current paper| 13-09-2020 | 05:00 PM

40 mcqs, 40 subjective.

Only 2 x mcq from quiz 2 held a month ago...
1 x draw graph 5 mks. I made on ppt and copied pasted.. Took 3 mins... Demand Curve for industry and explain

rest Long questions
If tax is imposed on mobile coy what will b effect on its price, output and MC.. Explain

1st page economies of scope 1 x question must a rha ha don't miss it.. Mine was write SC formula( I used math type software and pasted)
Explain Production transformation graph. 5 mks

Constant, Inc and decreasing cost industry note 5 marks

Eleasticity of firm depends upon..
3 chezin hoti poi t form.. Elasticity of market etc wala question

2 x graph aye thay mcqs ma product surplus n consumer surplus...

Oligopoly ma se Nash Equilibrium

Isk ilawa prisoner effect

WAGE is less or greater ya equal ho tu labor requirement Inc hogi Dec ya constant 3 mks question

Price <avc<atc 3 marks question

Math type ma equation likh a or ppt pr graph banana sekh Jr jein or prac krin it will save time.


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