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[Solved] EDU401 Assignment 2 Fall 2020

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EDU401 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2020
 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education


Assignment 2 (Fall 2020)

Total Marks: 20


Question 1:

Write a detailed note about the Models of Education Marks= 10


Solution :-


4 Models of Education


Assimilation Model:

Starting in the mother tongue, and continuing to national language immersion. Meaningful learning occurs as a result of the interaction between new information that the individual acquires and a particular cognitive structure that the learner already possesses and that serves as an anchor for integrating the new content into prior knowledge.


Pluralistic Model:

Recognizes the importance of the language spoken at home. Pluralism can be defined as a society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and social groups maintain participation in and development of their traditions and special interests while cooperatively working toward the interdependence needed for a nation’s unity.


Immersion Model:

Initial instruction is given in the national language. Immersion education is a system in which all academic subjects are taught in a native language such as French, Spanish, English, Urdu etc.


National Language Model:

Sole instruction in the national language, with no teaching in the Mother tongue.



Question 2:

What kinds of recommendations are given about primary and secondary education in the educational policies of 1992, 1998-2010, 2017-25? Marks= 10


1992 :-

Primary Education:

Primary education was recognized as a fundamental right of every Pakistani child and would be made compulsory and free in order to achieve universal primary education, reduction in dropout rates, and fulfillment of the basic learning needs by the end of the decade. In due course of time, primary education would be transformed into basic education The participation rate at primary level would be increased from 66.3% to 99.1% in 2002.


Secondary Education:

Secondary education (IIX-XII) is an important sub sector of the entire educational system. It provides the middle level work force for the economy as well as act as a support for higher level education. The policy recommended the setting up of one model secondary school at each district level. Multiple text books were introduced at secondary level.


1998- 2010 :-

Primary Education:-

Primary education will be universal, compulsory, free and of uniform quality for all. At present 100% children cannot be given access to primary schools for economic, regional and geographical factors. By 2010-11, 100% enrollment of primary education will be ensured.


Secondary Education :

 One model secondary school will be set up at each district level. A definite vocation or a career will be introduced at secondary level. It would be ensured that all the boys and girls, desirous of entering secondary education, become enrolled in secondary schools. Curriculum for secondary and higher secondary will be revised and multiple textbooks will be introduced. The participation rate will be increased from 31% to 48% by 2002-03.



Primary Education:-

The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of 5 – 16 years in such manner as may be determined by law. The State shall remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within the minimum possible period.


 Secondary Education :-

Create a school environment conducive for social, emotional and intellectual development of the children. Ensure access and equity in secondary education for all children by providing sufficient number of schools, globally compatible curriculum, teaching learning materials, qualified teachers and assessment system geared towards measuring higher order learning.




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