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[Solved] EDU402 Assignment 2 Spring 2020  


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EDU402 Curriculum Development Assignment 2 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

EDU402 Assignment 2 Solution idea:



Question: 1

What is meant by learning experience in Education? Explain any four principles for the selection

of learning experience for the attainment of a given objective.        



Learning experience refers to any interaction, course, program, or other experience in which learning takes place, whether it occurs in traditional academic settings (schools, classrooms) or nontraditional settings (outside-of-school locations, outdoor environments), or whether it includes traditional educational


What are the types of learning experiences?


Types of learning experiences include group experiences either in-person or online/distance learning, individual experiences with self-study products, and blended experiences that include elements of both group and individual learning experiences.

Create Learning Experiences That Work

1. Build In Daily Practice

No one ever mastered a skill on the first try. Understanding concepts, definitions, and theories does not equal capability.  If this were so, doctors would skip a residency program and jump straight to treating patients without supervision. Why shouldn't they? Four years of grueling medical school should have prepared them for the real world, right?

2. Encourage Social Learning

Social learning means information sharing. Information shared is information repeated, and repetition increases retention. Small group exercises, on-the-job mentoring and learning networks, whether formal or informal allow learners to bounce questions and ideas off one another, creating learning experiences that foster memorability.

 Focus On One Topic At A Time

No matter how hard we try, the brain cannot actually multitask. People who believe they are multitasking are actually switching between two tasks very quickly. Whenever this switch occurs, a cognitive switching penalty takes place. Basically, the brain wastes time and loses information while rebooting. Create the learning experience to allow learners to have a singular focus.

Make Learning Visual

Vision trumps all other senses in learning. This doesn't mean throw all information up on a PowerPoint. It does mean that utilizing video, posters, flow charts, flash cards, and other visual focal points will keep your learner engaged. If in the classroom, consider providing your learners with highlighters, pens and pencils to color code or r



Question: 2

Briefly describe the role of teachers and policy makers in the development of curriculum.

Role of policy makers  ecreate visuals by hand they've seen during the learning experience.



  • Role of teachers

With their knowledge, experiences and competencies, teachers are central to any curriculum development effort. Better teachers support better learning because they are most knowledgeable about the practice of teaching and are responsible for introducing the curriculum in the classroom.

Teacher's role in planning the curriculum: • Teachers know their students better than others involved in the curriculum process. While the state often dictates the skills covered by the curriculum, a teacher can provide insight into the types of materials, activities and specific skills that need to be included

importance of curriculum to a teacher?

An effective curriculum provides teachers, students, administrators and community stakeholders with a measurable plan and structure for delivering a quality education. The curriculum identifies the learning outcomes, standards and core competencies that students must demonstrate before advancing to the next level

Role of policy makers:

The role of policy in an organization is to: Provide general guidance about the organization's mission. Provide specific guidance toward implementing strategies to achieve the organisation's mission. Provide a mechanism to control the behaviour of the organisation.

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