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EDU501 Assignment 1 Spring 2020  


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EDU501 School, Community and Teacher Assignment 1 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

EDU501 Assignment 1 Solution idea:



Q1: Define school, community. Write a comprehensive note on the relationship among school, community and Teacher.                                                                 


SCHOOL: A school is an institution which is designed for the teaching of youngsters or pupils under the teacher’s direction. School is also subsystem of the larger system of the society. Over a period of time School is the social institute which is consciously designed for learning experiences and provided the objectives to achieve social aim. It has to functionally coordinate with its environment, in which the community it is situated.

COMMUNITY: A group of people who are living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. They are practicing common ownership, common interests, particular area of social values and responsibilities, Attitudes and interests. Community is a part of the society and education is the counterpart of school and community.

The school, community, and teacher are the triangle of the component. If one is missing, triangle will not work properly these three are merge in each other. School and teacher work however if community doesn't exist in the Triangle it doesn't stand, if school and community are consonant with each other and teachers don't seem to be collaborating with both, once more we don't have good educational results. So, permanently educational standards and to meeting the targets and goals, we want the collaboration of all three elements. School, community, and teacher are freelance pillars of a society and a nation depends on however the schools are functioning with cooperation and understanding of the community and the way the teachers are taking part in a vital role by gazing the quality set by the school.

School is a crucial a part of the community, it's not a mere building, and schools ought to a lot to do to serve the community. Similarly community contributes loads to school. Communities combine their practices, resources, and views to create a shared cognitive content that informs their practice. Members of a community of practice have a standard sense of purpose and a real need to understand what the others know. So, all these rely on each other. It is the teacher responsibility to understand the culture and community of the student from which they are coming from. It is not an easy task for a teacher to know the every culture, community and the home culture every student but teachers should do it. If the teacher does not know she may misunderstand the situation. The teacher’s role is not only to know the culture but also to understand the traditions and value their culture and community. The teacher is the role model for students and thus should respect, value and appreciate the culture of each and every student and must always give positive remark about the all the three components are interlink with each other.

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