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[Solved] EDU602 GDB Fall 2020

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EDU602 GDB Solution idea Fall 2020:


Yes, I may use bonuses regularly if I become a manager. The although pay is not a key factor driving job satisfaction, bonuses will keep employee's satisfaction level up in the most of time. Work environment will be improved when rewarded, which will make the employee improve their job performance and efficiency. Reward may be back fire but it will motivate the employees work in the positive pace. A manager bonuses is a good way to motivate the employees in order to make more profits. There was a tough time in my middle school. before the final exam, my mother told me that if I get the better marks in the final exam, he rewards me a trip to England. Due to this reward, I focus on the study date and night. I kept the studying till the midnight. The bad thing happened was that I got a sudden illness. No. I think   that providing group bonuses instead of individual bonuses would be less effective, although providing group bonuses will contribute to the group spirit, providing individual bonuses is fair. Providing   individual bonuses is based on the individual performance, every single employee will perform better in the work. While providing group bonuses, there will be someone pretend to work and not try him best of work. And most of hardworking team member will dissatisfaction with the rewarding, it is not equitable to the team star. I would design a reward program concerning the intrinsic interest of employee and avoiding the negative behavior. First, there will be an intrinsic reward to let the employee recognize the programs and not lose the interest of the task, Second, the reward is Based on the variable pay programs.



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