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[Solved] ENG101 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020  


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10/09/2020 9:10 pm  

ENG101 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020


Dear Students! Please share your current ENG101 final term paper's questions here. Will be helpful to other students for their final term exams. ?


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ENG101 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

ENG101 current paper | 10-09-2020 | 08:00 AM

40 mcqs (jis mn se 25 to 30% mcqs repeated the )
2 Marks ke 4 question the
Jis mn
1.true false
2.Fill in the blanks
3.Choose the error in sentence
4. Identity whether the sentence is a Complete sentence or fragment

3 Marks ke 4 question the
1. T/F
2. Change into passive voice by using the correct verb
3. 3 methods used for organizing information
4. Pronoun antecedent

5 marks ke 4 question the
Jis mn se 3 sawal True/False ke the
Or ek sawal identity whether the sentences are comma splice or complete

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28/09/2020 11:25 am  

Eng101 Current Paper
1-complete the sentence fragments .
2-chose the correct verbs .
3-which sentence is fragments or Correct sentence .
4-fill in the blanks with appropriate word .
5-change the words with wordness type means wo question jo in this present time ans h now aise convert karna tha .
6-note on simple present tense and three examples.

Or mcqs past papers or handout donno sa ayye ziada taar Amman final term walle mcqs sa ayye
Paper easy tha bss handout lazmi karna

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