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[Solved] ENG201 GDB 1 Fall 2020

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ENG201 GDB 1 Solution:

Communication is always between two or more people and among one of them is listening and others are speaking. When we talk about listening, listening doesn't only mean listening to the sounds that come out of next person's mouth. Listening as whole mesa listening to the sound and also understanding the gestures and body language of the next person. A person’s message is not just conveyed with words, his gestures and body language tell you the whole story and if you want to communicate effectively you need to understand what the next person is saying.

Some people are sarcastic; they say something else and mean something else. If you want to do effective communication with them, you need to have great listening skill only then you will be able to understand their true meaning.

So yes, we can say this that for effective communication. Listening is the key and once you have mastered this skill. You can communicate effectively.

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