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ENG201 Quiz 1 Spring 2020 | 01-June-20

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ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Quiz 1 Spring 2020 | 01-June-20 (solved)

Credit: VU Learning 

ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 1:

In order to create trust and establish credibility with a reader with whom you have had past negative experience, include extensive explanations of you conclusions and recommendations in the document.

Select the correct option:

  • False
  • True


ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 2:

Which of the following should be the ultimate goal of persuasive speaking?

Select the correct option:

  • To reinforce the attitudes, beliefs, and values an audience already holds
  • To inoculate an audience against counter persuasion
  • To change attitudes & motivate an audience to act
  • All of the above


ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 3:

In short, your resume is an argument whose purpose is to ________ your readers to hire you.

Select the correct option:

  • restrain
  • restrict
  • Limit
  • convince-


ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 4:

The key to successful communications is to make the reader feel that the most important person in our business relationship is the ________.

Select the correct option:

  • reader
  • writer
  • producer
  • none of above


ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 5:

A __ resume emphasizes the functions and tasks the applicant can perform.

Select the correct option:

  • functional-
  • conventional
  • nonconventional
  • professional


ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 6:

Phantom readers are called ________ readers.

Select the correct option:

  • fake
  • unnamed
  • named
  • original


ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 7:

________ accuracy depends on the writer's conceptual mastery of the subject and its vocabuiary, as well as on his or her ability to analyze and shape data with a minimum of distortion.

Select the correct option:

  • Stylistic
  • Document
  • Techrical 
  • Grammatical


ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 8:

________ accuracy refers to the proper coverage of your topics in appropriate detail.

Select the correct option:

  • Document
  • Stylistic
  • Technical
  • All of the above


ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 9:

________ possess extensive knowledge about a field in general, but might be unfamiliar with particular technical terms, or specfic equipment related to your subect matter.

Select the correct option:

  • specific experts
  • general experts
  • subject specialists
  • None of the above


ENG201 Quiz 1, Question # 10:

Howard could not ________ the job.

Select the correct option:

  • except
  • accept

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