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[Solved] ENG301 Business Communication Assignment No. 1 Solution Spring 2019

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ENG301 Business Communication Assignment No. 1 Solution Spring 2019.


Business Communication (ENG301)

Assignment No. 1

Q1: A communication barrier is anything that prevents a person from receiving and understanding the messages that others use to convey their information, ideas and thoughts. Since all people in the world are not alike, and every culture and country is not the same, these differences cause problems in understanding messages. A sender’s message and the receiver’s response are affected by different barriers. Analyze the given images and identify the correct type of communication barrier from the given choices.

Q2. Wordiness is a common error in communication. It means expressing your point in more words than required. Keeping this in mind, eliminate the wordy expression of the following sentences and write them in a concise way in the table provided below.


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