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[Solved] ENG502 Assignment 1 Fall 2020

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ENG502 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2020

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Question NO 1

Deixis Definition

Deixis is the pointing or specifying the function of some words (as definite articles and demonstrative pronouns) whose denotation changes from one discourse to another.


Types of Deixis

  1. Personal Deixis
  2. Temporal Deixis
  3. Spatial Deixis



·       Personal Deixis

Personal deixis points out people. For example, I and you.


·       Temporal Deixis

Temporal deixis point out time. For example, Noss, then, next week, yesterday.


·       Spatial Deixis

Spatial deixis points out the speaker, where is he in the space, and the relation of the speaker to the other. For example, here and there, this and that, come and go, bring and take.


Deictic expression in the following sentences:

1.      it is now 12.15.

Word "Now" is deictic expression.


2.      Letizea was the mother of Napoleon.

Word "Letizea" and "Napoleon" are the deictic expressions.


3.      This islqbal

Word Iqbal" is deictic expression.


4.      That will end then.

Word "Then" and "that" are deictic expressions.


Question No 2 (Part1)