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[Solved] ENG519 Assignment 1 Spring 2020  

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ENG519 Curriculum Design Assignment 1 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

ENG519 Assignmennt 1 Solution Idea:

Credit: Maha Malik



Q1.Hidden curriculum is totally different from other curriculum designs for various factors and features being involved. Discuss any five distinguished features of hidden curriculum which are not covered or explained by other curriculum designs. (5*2 = 10marks)




Topic 189 &190


Q2.A structural syllabus is a product-oriented syllabus comprising not only grammatical structures but also all sorts of grammatical complexities. On the other hand, Content-based syllabus consists of all the methodologies required for the effective delivery of content. It does not, like structural syllabus, treat language as a separate domain to explore. Keeping in mind the basic distinction between the two, give five more distinguishing features of structural syllabus and content based syllabus. (5*2 = 10marks)



Topic 163&167

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