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[Solved] How to Post Assignment

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Here we will show you how to post an assignment.

here we will show you a process how to post an assignment. We will show a sample for CS101 Assignment 3 for Spring 2020 smester.

1 - Choose subject (CS101) from home page.


2 - Click on Assignments section.




3 - Click on "Add topic" button



4 - Topic title: Add topic title [Subject code + Assignment number + Smester] CS101 Assignment 3 Spring 2020.

5 - Description: Copy your assignment file and paste in description area. (do some adjustment if necessary).

6 - Attach File: If you want to attach assignment file or any picture click on "Choose File" button to add. (optional).

7 - Topic Tags: Its better if you add tags, first tag is "Assignments" 2nd tag subject code "CS101", 3rd tag main subject "Computer Science/IT", 4th tag Smester "Spring  2020"

8 - Preview: If you want to check before posting click on Preview button. (optional)

9 - Add topic: when you click on "Add topic" your assignment will be posted on website.


Students kindly share assignment files in relevant subject timely for discussion/solution.
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