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[Solved] How to Register  


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22/01/2020 5:00 am  

Here we will show you how to register on this website.

First of all open website ( ), Then click on Register tab as shown in below snap. Or you can directly access registration page by




Registration Form:

1- Username: Choose a username for you account, You can choose a username between 3~15 alpha numaric charaters. Special charaters (e.g. ~!&#@) are not allowed in username. (This username field, You can add/change your name after login).

2- Email: Put your email address. you can use your university or personel email address.

3- Password: Choose a password minimum 6 charaters. You can use special charaters in password fields.

4- Confirm Password: Retype your password.

5- reCAPTCHA: Click on " I'm not robot "and confirm reCAPTCHA.

6- Forum Rules: Accept forum rules. (you can read it by clicking on forum rules link).

7- Terms & Privacy Policy: Accept " Terms & Privacy Policy ". (you can read it by clicking on Terms & Privacy Policy rules link).

8- Register: After filling the form, Click on " Register " button to get registered.


Log in with Facebook: You can also use " Log in with Facebook " option to Register/Log In. In this case you don't need to fill the form.


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WhatsApp Groups Subject wise #QueryVU
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