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[Solved] Lost Password

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Here we will show you how to Reset Password if you forgot it.

First of all open website (  ), Then click on Login tab as shown in below snap. Or you can directly access Lost Password page by  


Lost Password:

1- Lost Password: Click on "Lost your password" link as shown in above snap.


Lost Password Form:

1- Email or Username: Put your email id or username in this field.

2- reCAPTCHA: Click on " I'm not robot "and confirm reCAPTCHA.

3- Reset Password: Click on "Reset Password"  to recover password.


Lost Password Link:

1- Check your email address for reset password link.


Check email:

1- Check email sent from, open it and click on reset link to reset password.


New Password:

1- New Password: Choose a new password.

2- Reset Password: After adding a new password, Click on "Reset Password" apply your new password. Now you can login through this password.



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