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[Solved] MCD401 GDB Fall 2019  


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29/01/2020 8:32 pm  

MCD401 Camera basics, principles and practices GDB Solution & Discussion Fall 2019


Solution Idea of MCD401 GDB:

Light meter

It is a meter which dertermined the intensity of light and convert it into usefull reading acording to shutter speed,aperture of lense and film speed.

These three things are heart of any photography.If know about these three things then we capture a good picture.


Use of Light meter

After discovering of digital camera light meter is a separete device. Before capture a scene camera men focus a light meter to required scene. Light meter calculate intensity of light and give correct shutter speed,lense aperture and film speed for capturing required scene to camera man.


Camera man adjust these thing manualy on camera and capture a good looking scene.


Now a days in digital cameras light meter fixed in their body , before taking picture ,light meter calculate light intensity and give command to camera softwere for adjust shutter speed ,lense aperture and film speed for required scene.

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