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[Solved] MCD403 Assignment 1 Fall 2021

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MCD403 Assignment 1 Fall 2021 solution idea:



1. tabdeeli Ayi Re:

this is most famous song of ITI government because you want to change Pakistan and new emerging Pakistan and when it is not in government it is famous song for it so that’s why I choose this song.


2. dekho imran khan aya:

Imran Khan is best person in Pakistan in so many hopes of Imran Khan in Pakistan people and Pakistan people choose Imran Khan  for tabdeeli in Pakistan.


3. Dil naik ho niyat saf to ho insaf kary imran khan:

I choose this song because Imran Khan is a good person he is very conscious for Pakistan and his hope for Pakistan and he is very honest letter for the Pakistan.


4. aye ga imran sub ki jan.

this song is very attractive and PTI  party of Imran Khan and he is Prime Minister of Pakistan and his vision to  make new Pakistan so I  take this song.


5. Dut ky khara hai ab imran  bany ga naya Pakistan:

I Choose this song because Imran Khan is very confident person and he is going for the EHtesaab from all corrupt leader in Pakistan and he is like to kill all corrupt people in Pakistan insahAllah.



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