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[Solved] MCD403 GDB Spring 2020  

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MCD403 Music Production GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020


Folk is basically a term used to describe all sorts of musical, oral and cultural traditions from specific regions and societies across the world. A broad general definition of "folk" music is that it is music of the "folk" or of the people.  In recent years, new songs have changed the music in Pakistan and the songs that trend now are loud and meaningless for the most part.


Do you think that Folk music is at risk of fading out because modern tunes have dominated the music of Pakistan? Discuss in logical manner.

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MCD403 Music Production GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

MCD403 GDB solution idea:

Folk music is witnessing decline as it is fading out due to modern tunes have dominated the world of music.
There was a time when folk music was on its peak, but the new generation is taking interest in hip-hop and Jazz tunes, as they feel monotony in traditional music.
With the rapidly moving world venturing into the vistas of ultramodern civilization, the folk music is dying down as senseless with empty lyrics and music, rather the rock and pop music was shrinking space for the former to inherit the heritage of folklore and ancient culture.
There was a time when folk music enjoyed the healthiest crowd of its fans and followers who loved and enjoyed the music as a food for their souls that helped them provoke spiritual sentiments to discover the mysteries of human existence and its link with the universe.
This was folk songs popularity were declining day by day as the young generation has no interest in traditional music, said Arif Lohar's student, folk artist Basheer Khan.
He said that there should be separate academies for traditional music in country to keep it alive.
He said that for the progress of the country it was necessary to keep it's culture and musical heritage alive so that the government should take steps for separate academies of folk music, adding that folk songs have defined cultures throughout history and continue to do so.
Another music artist Nadir Ali said that culture was identity of any nation so that we should play role to keep our culture and heritage alive, he said.
He said that it was necessary to encourage and inspire younger generations with traditional music.
Another folk music artist Zainullah Umar Zai said that he was practicing folk music for 40 years but young generation was away from it.
He said that government and social mediashould cooperate for revival of folk music in the country.

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