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[Solved] MCM301 Assignment 1 Fall 2021

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MCM301 Assignment 1 Fall 2021 solution idea:


  1. Which level of listening Mr.  Shahid khaqan Abbasi involved in? Just your Logical argument.


While talking to Anchor shahzeb khanzada, as Mr. Khakan Abbasi was talking in a soothing way and with a confident tone that listening Was partial listening. Mr. Khakan listened the complete talk of host and missed some important and     threatening question while replying to the host on the question that either pdm while be able to send back the government to home or not .by keeping all points in mind we can say that Mr. khakan Abbasi was involved in partial listening.   

  1. Which level of listening Mr. Hammad Azhar is involved in? Justify your opinion with logical Arguments.

Protective listening


In my opinion Mr. Hammad Azhar was involved in protective listening. Because it’s the attribute of the protective listening that the listener May not listen to the speaker because they have their own point of view. If they get agree with the other person’s point of view their position may be in danger. Some was the case with Mr. Hammad Azhar, he was not getting agree with Anchor on the case of LNG less consumption while spending more on Costly sources of electricity’s production in this listening a listener may have to face some hostile and negative comments. It’s listening comprise of critique. So Mr Hammad was involved in protective listening.

  1. Which type of listening, Anchor shahzeb khanzada is involved in? Justify your opinion with There are two types of listening critical listening and empathic listening.


While talking with Khakan Abbasi, anchor was involved in critical listening.

Because critical listening is used when the speaker is talking in a biased way. Shahzeb khanzada did a critical evaluation of both the politician. He asked them logical question that may be PDM’s get together or criticism in power production plants. Anchor was asking them logical question and making them speechless. Anchor was observing the guidelines and attribute of critical listener e g open mindedness.



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