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[Solved] MCM401 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021 ||Fundamentals of Public Relations|| 100% Correct Solution

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MCM401 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021


Reason to initiate a PR campaign.

The goal of a public relations campaign is to create a media narrative or control the spread of information about your business to attract customers. Public relations (PR) is a powerful way to connect with your audience.

Women in interior Sindh remain in awful conditions. They are barred from participation in any field of life. In interior Sindh, a woman's role has limited the household and she is forced to live a life of a second-class citizen. Women exist in numbers nearly equal to that of men.

6 Points

1.  Appreciation of thesituation:

Since the advent of humanity women have been in miserable condition and have been suffering from unrelenting issues.

  • Apply methods of appreciation ofsituation.

These problems can be traced back to cultural differences, gender discrimination, religious differences, misunderstanding or misconception of teachings of Islam, economic differences, and so forth have substantially attributed to the deplorable condition of women in Sindh.

2.  Defineobjectives:

We cannot deny the fact that our world has reached its advancements in all fields of life, yet the issue of women's oppression hasn't been solved. However, despite the passage of different pro- women laws and laws on the prevention of violence against women, reports both published and unpublished, court cases and incidents through other sources show that violence against women still occurs in Sindh.

3 Selection of media and techniques:

We must work on social media like on Facebook, WhatsApp massages make different organizations, then we will promote education for interior Sindh children.

4.  Identifyaudience:

Women in rural Sindh are particularly handicapped by the entrenched feudal system and religious fundamentalism. The government fails to protect them since its run primarily by members of the landed class. Now we shall take action for women's rights and also promote education for the girls in Sindh.


5.  Make abudget:

As for working on nongovernmental organizations, we need a lot of budgets. In the creation of the different organizations, we need helpers and guides for perform of duties. We need a lot of money.

6.  Assess theresult:

While concluding, the Sindh government needs to make better laws relating to women, however, I request them to implement already established laws with full ease, also build capacities of relevant public institutions and inform the people about their existence, their scope, and implications of violations through all means.

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