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[Solved] MGT111 GDB Fall 2020

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MGT111 GDB Fall 2020 Solution idea:


The civil servants and political executives are totally different from one another and their way of working in Pakistan is also different. The political executives come from wealthy families and they have to get the ticket of a party and get elected by votes. They do not acquire the political seat with the help of their knowledge or any expertise, and their sole purpose must be to work on legislation in the assembly. But unfortunately they are also responsible for the progressive work in Pakistan and that is why they are unable to work properly.

On the other hand, the civil servants acquire their post solely based on their studies, experience, exam and intellect. Their main purpose is to become the machinery of the system through which the work process will pass. The civil servants come from the grass root and if properly used by the government, they can solve the problems of masses at a greater extant. We have seen this thing in western countries or in Scandinavian countries where the technical people are giving post related to nation building, whereas the elected people works on law and passing the bill in assembly.

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