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MGT501 GDB Fall 2021

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Starting Date Friday, December 03, 2021
Closing Date Thursday, December 09, 2021
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Question Title Human Resource Management
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Important Note: Before attempting the activity, make sure that you have listened to the relevant video lecture, read handouts, and thoroughly understood the relevant concepts.


‘Nature’s Own’ is a venture that started last year during the pandemic to offer hand-made, natural soaps, shampoo bars and oils. It is owned by Sania who used her grandmother’s recipes to initially make soap and offer it for sale through her page on Instagram® and Facebook®. Her market has now grown to the point where she can no longer keep up with demand on her own.

Sania has no formal management or business training and is unsure how she wants to expand considering that the work still needs to be done from home and is done primarily by hand. Her concern at the moment is to hire more people for hand-making the products to meet increased demand.

How can you, as a consultant offer her advice to manage these issues related to:

  • Identifying the jobs that need to be performed; and
  • How to recruit people?

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