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[Solved] MGT502 GDB Fall 2021

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MGT502 GDB Solution Fall 2021



Identification: Conscientiousness


Conscientiousness can be described as disciplined, organized, detail-oriented dependable, and responsible Mr. Rahman is not only himself an organized and well-disciplined person but he also makes his staff disciplined, organized, and responsible. As we know that, Mr. Rahman is a man of great aspects.

He accepts the challenges and works on them with full effort.

They have good impulse control which allows them to complete the task and achieve desired results.

Those (Maple who has conscientiousness personality trait ore being careful or diligent to others. As in the Question, it is clearly shown that "the firm was very little at the starting. But gradually it grows up, and now he is the largest company in the area". This is possible because Mr. Rahman takes some measures to grow his institute. This shows Mr. Rahman's ability to complete the task, his dependability. The person who has Conscientiousness personality traits is being careful and diligent to others. And Mr. Rahman also occupied this trait because he encourages his staff and helps his staff in every difficult situation. AU these qualities of being able to complete the task and get desired results, being sympathetic to his staff, being Responsible to complete the work on time, being able to take important decisions regarding work, all these qualities make Mr. Rahman successful throughout his career.

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