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[Solved] MGT503 Assignment 1 Spring 2020

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MGT503 Principles of Management Assignment 1 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

MGT503 Solution idea:



Dimensions of JCM

Impact of MBO


Skill variety

As skill variety is the degree to which a job requires a variety of skills to perform his job. MBO influences skill variety because MBO is based on performance based rewards. The more skill variety means better performance and result in better rewards. The employee tends to strive for skill variety.


Task Identity

Task identity is the knowledge of the whole work and not just a part. When an employee identify the whole process he is in better understanding of the whole process and MBO helps him to know the whole process so your objectives are linked with organization’s objectives so in order to be aligned with organizational objectives task identity is important.


Task Significance

It refers to have a substantial impact on the life of the other people. When we involve employees in goal setting during MBO. The employee own their work and think that there task is significant and positively affecting the life of others.



Autonomy refers to freedom in performing the task. Autonomy is the base of MBO because the employee themselves set their targets and their targets are matched by their actual performance. They do whatever it takes to achieve their targets by applying their own strategy and are empowered by the organization.



Feedback means to check the performance of the employees. In MBO when objectives are set by employees, they are evaluated after a time period and feed back is given to link compensation with it on the basis of targets achieved.