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[Solved] PHY101 GDB Fall 2020

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PHY101 GDB IDEA Solution Fall 2020:


  1. Electric field diverges from electric charge, an expression of the Coulomb force,
  2. There are no isolated magnetic poles. but the Coulomb force acts between the poles of a magnet,
  3. Electric fields are produced by changing magnetic fields, an expression of Faraday's law of induction,
  4. Circulating magnetic fields are produced by changing electric fields and by electric currents, Maxwell's extension of Ampere's law (q.v.) to include the interaction of changing

The most compact way of writing these equations in the meter-kilogram-second (mks) system is in terms of the vector operators div (divergence) and curl. In these expressions the Greek letter rho. p is charge density; J is the current density. E is the electric field. and B is the magnetic field: here, D and H are field quantities that are proportional to E and B, respectively.


The four Maxwell equations, corresponding to the four statements above, are:

  1. div D = p,
  2. div B = 0,
  3. curl E = -dB/dt, and
  4. curl H = dP/dt +

The devices that are working according to Maxwell equations are as following:

  1. MRI
  2. Magnetic tap
  3. Electric generator
  4. Electric motor
  5. Radio
  6. Mobile phone
  7. Radar



Download attachment for PHY101 GDB Solution file in Word (DOCx) format.


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