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[Solved] PHY101 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020  


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PHY101 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020


Dear Students! Please share your current PHY101 final term paper's questions here. Will be helpful to other students for their final term exams. ?


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21/09/2020 11:42 pm  

PHY101 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

PHY101 Current Paper


#PHY101 current paper
2,3 mcq’s were from past papers
1)Can magnitude of a vector have negative value?Explain
2)What is the major similarity and difference between galvanometer and simple electric meter?
3)Why doesn’t the Kelvin scale have any negative numbers?
4)Find the shift in wavelength of photons scattered by electron at ?
5)A ball is thrown horizontally from a height of 20m and it hits the ground with a speed that is three tumes its initial speed.What was the initial speed?
6)How can the average value of current be zero and yet the square root of the average squared current not b zero?
7)All objects radiat energy.Then why are we not able to see all the objects in a dark room?
8)A vessel is filled with gas at some equilibrium pressure and temoerature.Can all gas moleculs have same speed?
9)A copper telephone wire has essentially no sag between poles 35.0 m apart a winter day when the temperature is -20 C.How much longer is the wire on a summer day when .
10)Some scientists estimate that there will be 3-10 rie in earth’s surface why?
11)Is it true to consider ‘torque’ as ‘force’ explain?A torque that causes counterclockwise accelerate is positive or negative?

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