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Information culture in education.

This is the openness and accessibility of information,
its depoliticization and deideologization, alternative information processes. The country's economy is also not out of touch with pedagogy. For example, the market changes the hierarchy of academic disciplines, the market requires people talented or at least capable in learning to apply and
capable of changing areas of activity, honest, moral..,
It requires education for life, not for the mind.
Identify 4 aspects of pedagogical culture:
- the area of adult-child relations as a sphere of human practice, a way of transmitting life experience and national cultural values;
- the field of pedagogical knowledge, which includes a certain system for implementing and pedagogical values, pedagogical theory,
Pedagogical theory, pedagogical thinking, and creative experience.
The area of pedagogical knowledge which includes a certain system of pedagogical values, pedagogical theory, pedagogical thinking, and creative experience;
- The sphere of professional activity which includes professional knowledge and skills, etc;
- personal characteristics of each teacher, his positions, qualities, behavior.
In the general structure of a teacher's pedagogical culture methodology is in the second block, where the experience of
of creative activity.
Methodological knowledge is the knowledge that helps to philosophize educational processes and
formation of a conceptual attitude towards pedagogical
pedagogical activities.
According to American educators, the modern teacher
should have:
- knowledge of the processes of development and perception in children;
- knowledge of the main subject of his/her future profession;
- an understanding of the relationship between the content of the subject
and the ability of children to perceive it;
- understanding of the peculiarities of students and the ability to use modern methods.
There is no methodological knowledge in this scheme. There is only
knowledge of theory and knowledge of methodology. There is no philosophy of education.
is absent here. The peculiarity of pedagogy is the presence of philosophy.
Methodological knowledge of pedagogy:
- knowledge of man, his essential characteristics,
what kind of a person is formed by education;
- knowledge of the social environment, the cultural and spiritual life of society;
- knowledge of the conditions in which education functions;
knowledge about the laws of educational system functioning
- knowledge about methodology of pedagogy as a science;
- knowledge about a teacher and essence of pedagogical activity;
- knowledge about the essence of the process of education itself (understanding of education as a social and personal value, as a
understanding of education itself (understanding of education as a social and personal value, as a process, as a system, and as a result).

The theory of scientific cognition in specific scientific disciplines
The doctrine of the structure of the function of pedagogical knowledge
The main reason was that the subject of pedagogical activity
Without what properties in education can not be a modern student
The educational functions of the school in the education of children

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