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[Solved] PSY402 GDB Spring 2020  


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13/08/2020 12:44 am  

PSY402 Experimental Psychology GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

PSY402 GDB Solution idea:


Learning new vocabulary words and facts can be easier when students connect the new information with something that’s already familiar to them. The keyword method links a new word or concept to an easily recognized known word that sounds similar. The student creates a visual image depicting this connection, which makes the new information easier to store and retrieve as needed.
To help students remember that Olympia is the capital of Washington, assign keywords or keyword phrases to both words. Say the keyword phrase for Washington is “wash-a-ton,” and the keyword for Olympia is the Olympics. Your students can think about people at an Olympic event washing a ton of their laundry—an unusual image that will help the new fact “stick.”

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