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SOC101 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

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Assignment Spring 2021

Course Code SOC101

Credit: @drmuhammadahsan






Hamza is generally inspired by the superior work ethics and products of American companies. That is why when he opened his company in Multan, his company rules were according to American companies. Even the dress code of his company was American inspired because he thinks that Shalwar Kameez is Inappropriate. Identify and Justify


In the given scenario Hamza consider American culture superior to ones’s own culture as he commanded the workers to wear the American code of dress thus it is xeno-centrism.


Considering other’s culture as superior to one’s own.

Amna believes that Shalwar Kameez is a perfect dress for women because women body should be fully covered. Last year when she visited America, she was very annoyed to see women in clothes that were revealing their bodies. She thought this was a sin and felt that her dressing style is better and superior than Americans. It indicates which cultural pattern, identify and justify


In the given scenario Amna is judging others culture in accordance to her own values and norms as she is judging the Americans code of dress in accordance of her own faith and values.


The Practice of judging others culture by the standards of one’s own culture. People consider their own culture as superior to others and apply their standards of evaluating the patterns of behavior of others. The wholes judgement is centered on one’s own culture

Fasih is a Pakistani who lives in Britain. In Pakistan elders are treated with utmost respect and it is the function of family to provide and take care of the elders. When he was asked about his opinion about the old age homes in Britain, he said that he understands the need of old homes in British society as most of British men and women work and they cannot take care of the elders. So, government has taken over this responsibility but he does not approve it in

Pakistani context. It indicates which cultural pattern, identify and justify.

Cultural relativism

In the given scenario Fasih is not judging British culture with one’s culture. Thus he understands that the followers must decide what is wrong and what is wright in culture and outsiders should not judge.


The Practice of judging a culture its own standards; a particular pattern of behavior is right or wrong as it is declared by the people who follow it.

Ali lives in Canada. People from different religions and cultures live in city he lives in. The local government equally accept and respect the religious sentiments and cultural values of all communities. It shows which cultural pattern? Identify and justify.

Cultural Diversity

In the given scenario Ali lives in Canada where culture is diverse because this country is inhibited by the migrants thus different cultures are present side by side and furthermore the relation of mutual respect is present.

There are many ways of life; hence there are differences in culture. In one society there could be difference in patterns of marriage and family, patterns of education, patterns of worship, and patterns of earning a living.



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