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[Solved] SOC101 Assignment 2 Spring 2021

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SOC101 Assignment 2 Spring 2021

SOC101 Assignment 2 Spring 2021 solution idea:



Question No.01:





Sultan lives in a village. When his age of marriage came, his mother was very reluctant to find a bride who shares different caste and religion. She said it is not at all acceptable that her daughter in law would belong to another caste. It indicates which marriage patter, identify and justify.


Endogamy marriage pattern are not allowed to marry outside of their religion, culture ,caste etc


As per scenario sultan’s mother not except another caste, culture or religion.

Amit belongs to a rich Hindu family. He is prohibited by religion to marry within his family and hence he treats all his cousins as sisters. So, when he went to America for study few years ago, he married with his Christian class fellow. It indicates which marriage patter, identify and justify.


It is opposite to Endogamy. In exogamy people are independent and marry another they don’t see caste religion or culture etc except their close relatives.

Ali has been married for more than ten years but didn’t have any children. His parents forced him to marry again. He married another woman without divorcing his first wife. Now he lives with his two wives. It indicates which marriage patter, identify and justify.


Polygyny pattern is follow as per Islamic society. In which as per Islamic religion allow more than one wife

Amrita belongs to Tibet. Land is rare commodity in these areas. She married three brothers at the same time so that the land remains undistributed. When she was asked that whether she feels awkward regarding this, she said she is rather at ease because she has three husbands to protect her. It indicates which marriage patter, identify and justify.


In this pattern woman takes two or more husbands at the same time .it is also practiced among Tibetans in Nepal and part of china




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