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[Solved] STA301 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

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STA301 Statistics and Probability Papers (Current Finalterm Papers) Fall 2020

Dear Students, Please share your Current Finalterm Paper (Current Paper) Fall 2020. This will be helpful for many students who are looking for help/assistance regarding there STA301 Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020.

Let's help each other in STA301 Current Papers and make QueryVU forum into a better community for VU students.

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QueryVU team will post here in STA301 Current Papers, to help VU Students.

Let's discuss here STA301 Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020, clear your concepts, improve learning and help each other. Good luck ✨


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STA301 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

STA301 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 | QueryVU | Important

Sta301 important

Lecture 27: Covariance of two Random Variables ( page no 201)
Correlation of coefficient of two random variables ( example bhe dkh lein iskii)
Binomial Distribution with properties (page#206)
Lecture 28:Formula of binomial Distribution + See formula of mean and variance on (page#209)
properties of Binomial experiments(pg#213)
Hypergeometric Distribution
Properties + Formula..
Properties of Hypergeometric Distribution
with properties (page # 216)
Poisson Distribution
Properties + Formula + just see examples
Uniform Distribution + Formulas (219,220)
Normal Distribution
properties + formulas( see images)
Infrential Statistics + Types of Infrential statistics
Definitions +Formulas
Mean and Variance of Population Distribution (pg#233)
Mean and variance of Sampling Distribution (235)

Lecture 32: Sampling Distribution of P hat
Sampling distribution of difference of two values(248)
Point Estimation (m. imp)
Desirable qualities (253)
Lecture 34.
Method of Point Estimation
Method of Moments
Lecture 35
Confidence interval Formulas
(263 to 270)
Hypothesis testing
Definitions Formulas + properties
Level of Significance
Type1 And Type2 Error

Requirements of T-Test
Requirements of F-Test
Formulas + Properties + Mean and Variance Formulas

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