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[Solved] ZOO501 Assignment 1 Fall 2021

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ZOO501 Assignment 1 Fall 2021 solution idea:



Course of developmental biology illustrates the all interactng processes that generates the an organisms shape, size, structural features that arises on trajectory from an embryo to adult..

Developmental biology is central to modern biology as it reveals how multcellular organisms generates correct cells, tssues and organs from a fertlized egg.

Course describes the patern formaton that is cell lineages , cell interacton, control of gene expression and genetc analysis of embryonic and imaginal disc development of animals.

The course aims to give us a detailed knowledge of fundamental developmental biology processes during tssue development and organogenesis including brain and nervous system, propertes of stem cells, cell differentatons, morphogenesis, organogenesis etc.



After the successful completon of this course I will be able to describes the all fundamental processes that develops an organism from an embryo.

Hopefully course will enable us to understand molecular, genetc, cellular and integratve aspects to build an organism.

Specially practcal sessions of this course will support us to understand the basic techniques and methodolgies that are used to study the basic concepts of developmental biology.

And the most importantly it will reveal parallels to clininical causes of human developmental disorders thus enables us for further biomedical research in this feld..

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