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[Solved] ZOO502 GDB Fall 2021

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It's correct Brain plasticity also has its limitations

Although brain plasticity allows your brain to adapt and change, which promotes: The ability to learn new things. The ability to improve your existing cognitive skills. Rehabilitation after stroke and traumatic brain injury However, it is important to note that the brain is not extremely malleable. Certain areas of the brain are largely responsible for certain actions. For example, there are regions of the brain that are important for things like movement, language, speech, and perception. Damage to important areas of the brain can cause deficits in those areas because while some areas can be restored, other areas of the brain simply cannot take over the full functions that have been lost. Affected by injury. Plasticity allows the brain to better cope with the indirect effects of brain damage caused by inadequate blood supply following a stroke. Essentially, the nervous system needs to reorganize itself to adapt to the evolving situation it faces. Genes program the body to have neural flexibility so that animals can survive in unpredictable environments.

Brain anatomy ensures that certain regions of the brain have certain functions. This is something that is determined by your genes. For example, there is an area of the brain dedicated to movement of the right arm. Damage to this part of the brain impairs movement of the right arm. But because another part of the brain processes sensations from the arm, you can feel the arm but you can't move it. This "modular" arrangement means that an area of the brain that is not involved in sensory or motor function cannot take on a new role. In other words, neuroplasticity does not mean that the brain can be infinitely flexible.

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