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MKT501 Assignment 1 Solution & Discussion Fall 2019  


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MKT501 Marketing Management Assignment 1 Solution & Discussion Fall 2019


Admin kindly provide the solution of these questions.

"Scenario: Mobile phone market in Pakistan has really developed in the previous two decades or so. The boom in mobile phone market has seen quite some new companies entering Pakistan with their product offerings and the market has seen some tough competition not only in Pakistan but across the globe. Chinese mobiles have also changed the landscape of mobile phone market shares. In Pakistani market (according to the statistics of previous year) almost 40.48% of the market share rests with Samsung, thus it has a substantial market share along with wide distribution as well as variety of products and consistently available newer products. Samsung is followed by Huawei which hold the second highest share in the Pakistani market with 13.62% of the market share which is consistently on the rise. Even though the difference in market shares of Samsung and Huawei is significant however Samsung is facing a decrease in its market share due to the rising shares of its competitors especially Huawei. Oppo and Q-mobile are other prominent names in the market as well; however, they have less market shares (6.8 & 7 % respectively) and spend less on their R&D while not getting into any head-on battle with the market giants. Apple being very popular in the American and some other developed markets, concentrates on a selected few target markets in Pakistan. They have narrow market segments with tailored marketing mix for those segments.

1. As per the provided scenario, identify the types of market dominance strategy being
followed by following companies: (10 marks)

a. Samsung

b. Huawei

c. Q-Mobile

d. Oppo

e. Apple

2. Provide any three characteristics of a successful ‘Market Nicher’. (5 marks)"

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MKT501 Marketing Management Assignment 1 Solution & Discussion Fall 2019


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